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Deepnote WebApp: Talk to Rick The bot is trained on Rick and Morty dialogues using Kaggle Dataset. Talk to Rick (
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Knowing git is no longer an option for data professionals. Grab this handy reference sheet now and make sure you know how to git the job done. Git for Data Science Cheatsheet - KDnuggets
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Digital-Learning-During-COVID19-EDA In this project, we will be using data analysis tools to figure out trends in digital learning and how it is effective towards improvised communities. We will be...
Data Analysis on Alcoholic Drinks in Russia for Creating Promotional strategy. If you like my work, please upvote.
It was a learning experience for me as I have never used spaCy in depth. I have also discovered various ways on how my project can be used to improve the hiring process in filtering out the perfect...
Resume Analysis WebApp spaCy Text Analysis WebApp (
( Product Demo
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Tested the Orchest Platform for MLOps A New Way of Building Machine Learning Pipelines | by Abid Ali Awan | Aug, 2021 | Towards AI
I have contributed to the URDU dataset by making it parseable on DagsHub and easy to consume! as a part of hacktoberfest2021 GitHub: DAGsHub:
I have used Internet News and Consumer Engagement dataset from Kaggle to predict top article and popularity score. DagsHub Deepnote DataCamp #machinelearning #classification #regression #datascienc...
By using @LearnPlatformUS dataset we will figure some of the common patterns and identify the clusters based on demography, geography, and accessibility. Evolution of Digital Learning During COVID1...
My machine translation model available to download on Hugging face. kingabzpro/Helsinki-NLP-opus-yor-mul-en ยท Hugging Face